Greg Grunberg by John Shearer/ Greg Grunberg by John Shearer/
Heroes may have halted production, but reading minds isn't Greg Grunberg's only superpower; he also has a knack for employing out-of-work television actors. Grunberg recently teamed up with Felicity/

Alias director Lawrence Trilling to coproduce, write and star in Group Sex, a film that began shooting Jan. 28 in Los Angeles. "This was a no-brainer," Grunberg jokes of his latest gig, which costars James Denton ( Desperate Housewives), Tom Arnold, Katherine Narducci and Henry Winkler. "I had all of this free time and decided to get naked and laugh my ass off!" Group Sex is a romantic comedy about a single guy (Josh Cooke) who poses as a reformed Don Juan after seeing his dream girl (Odette Yustman) perform at a nightclub. Chaos ensues when he poses as a fellow recovering sex addict in an attempt to meet the unsuspecting singer. "I play Jerry, the best friend of the guy who follows the girl into the sexaholic meeting," says Grunberg. "Jerry is very critical of the girl his friend is fond of... maybe because he has a problem himself!" - Dana Meltzer Zepeda