The head of Black Claw has officially arrived in Portland. Shaun Toub makes his debut on Friday night's Grimm as Conrad Bonaparte, the man behind the Wesen uprising that's using Portland as the foothold for taking over the world.

Bonaparte has been around for less than a minute before he introduces terrifying plans for some of our favorites. If Adalind (Claire Coffee) doesn't want to get in line with the Black Claw's agenda — playing the happy family with Renard (Sasha Roiz) and Diana to get Renard elected as mayor — then she needs to be killed. Ouch. Even more disturbing? Bonaparte is smart enough to realize that Nick (David Giuntoli) is better as an asset than an enemy. He insists that the Black Claw's new world order has a place for a Grimm and tasks Renard with recruiting Nick to their cause.

Grimm gets a shortened sixth season

Will Black Claw and Hadrian's Wall get into a bidding war over Nick? The Grimm hasn't fully committed to Hadrian's Wall and their CIA-esque tactics in taking down Wesen, even if he's not interested in seeing the Wesen take over either.

Grimm continues Friday nights at 9/8c on NBC.