"We're dealing with a resident who's out of control," Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) decrees in the preview for this week's two-hour Grey's Anatomy event.

The resident in question is Ben Warren (Jason George), who once again will find himself with a critical patient and no resources to treat her. He'll have to make a call on how to save his patient's life without an attending to supervise, which got him in serious trouble a couple of weeks ago when he opened up a mental patient with a clipboard.

"I think out of control is a bit strong. Ben is a man of action," George says of Webber's assessment to TVGuide.com. "Ben ends up in a horrible situation where he has to make a really tough call as a soon-to-be surgeon. He's not even a full-time surgeon yet... This time there's a patient where Ben is in a situation where he cannot get help and he has to make a hard call."

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Hard calls in dicey situations are made on Grey's Anatomy all the time. Owen (Kevin McKidd) didn't have a lot of fans of his fast-paced trauma treatment when he first arrived either. The staff of Grey Sloan Memorial will also be split when it comes to Ben's choices. "The fun part is that every person on this show has a take on what that means. Did he make the right call or did he make the wrong call depends on who you're talking to and when you're talking to them," George says.

The person whose opinion matters the most though is that of Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson), Ben's wife. Ben's actions will worsen the current tension in their marriage. "We've been hinting in a lot of different ways that having your wife be your boss, or in this case your boss' boss, is friction," George says. "It's the exact reverse of what everyone expects. Not only is he not going to get special treatment, but he's going to get dealt with [more severely]."

Will Ben and Miranda be able to work it out? The Grey's Anatomy event kicks off Thursday at 8/7c on ABC.