Question: I've been in a slump ever since that last Grey's Anatomy episode. Could you make a girl's day a little brighter and give her a little poop?

Answer: I chatted up Sara Ramirez at the SAGs and she hinted that Callie might not be in a rush to jump back into another steady relationship post-George. "I think it's an interesting concept, Callie being alone again. It's a universal issue that women deal with a lot. 'What do I do when I'm alone?' 'Is it OK to be alone and not have a man?' I think it's an interesting thing to explore. But, you know, it's Grey's Anatomy. And we love our hookups and one-night stands. I'm all for her finding love in all the wrong places all over again. Maybe there's more than one? She should play the field a little." To watch my entire interview with Ms. Ramirez featuring her thoughts on a possible reunion with George click here.