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Lindsay and Cameron are two of the more prominent contestants on Oxygen's The Glee Project, a show which promises a seven-episode arc on Glee to the winner. Lindsay has quickly painted herself as the resident reality villain who loves herself too much and Cameron is an "adorable nerd"/aspiring hipster from Texas.

Glee: Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer not returning for Season 4

In Sunday's new episode (at 9/8c on Oxygen), they'll sing "Baby It's Cold Outside" — performed last season by Chris Colfer and Darren Criss — as part of duets week. No doubt Lindsay and Cameron can both carry a tune. While Cameron has proven himself an inept dancer, choreographer Zach Woodlee seems to dig it. The thing is it's hard to picture either of them on Glee.

Outside of his carefully put together geek-chic look — cardigan, thick-rimmed glasses — Cameron's bland, bland, bland, and he doesn't seem especially funny, which is kind of essential if you're going to be on a comedy. And, yes, Lindsay already comes off like someone Coach Sue (heck, and all of New Directions) could hate, but she doesn't seem to be much of an actress, unless she's going for that One Tree Hill style.

Glee boss Ryan Murphy reveals Sue's nemesis

Feel free to disagree, but my evidence is all here:

Who do you think could mesh well with the Glee kids? Who is mostly likely going to be Sue's future nemesis? This is important, people, especially given the latest news bombshell.