If we didn't know better, we'd think CBS Entertainment President Les Moonves had a crush on ABC. First, the Eye chief guest starred on an episode of The Practice, and now, the exec has tapped comedian George Lopez — arguably one of ABC's biggest stars — to host CBS's telecast of the 4th annual Latin Grammy Awards (tonight at 9-11 pm/ET). What's next? Moonves exchanging barbs with Jimmy Kimmel? For his part, Lopez is more than happy to welcome the "Don Corleone of CBS" into the Mickey Mouse Club.

TV Guide Online: You're CBS's newest star. How'd that happen?
George Lopez:
I just know that Les Moonves had to approve me, and he did. I'm a big fan of Les's. I like what he's done with the network.

TVGO: Do you see this as a sign of progress?
It's a huge thing because no wants to promote other people on other networks because it's so competitive. Every time you hear "George Lopez" in a [CBS promo for the Latin Grammys] it's a promo for my [ABC sitcom], because it's called George Lopez. So I just think that's great.

TVGO: Speaking of George Lopez, ABC used your comedy to plug the hole left by Roseanne's short-lived reality show. Were you honored?
I love Roseanne and I always have. I saw the show and I liked it. I mean, I like Roseanne as a character. It's unfortunate that that didn't work out for her, but I'm glad that I was able to jump in and fill the spot. We're having a great summer. We've cracked the top 20 in reruns, we're moving to Friday to kick off ABC's [new] TGIF [lineup] — we're primed!

TVGO: You're going to be one of 11 comedians participating in the Sept. 21 Emmys. What will you be doing?
Believe it or not, I think they've given an Emmy to a reality show. And I'll be introducing a segment on reality. I've got about a minute-and-a-half. I can get about five [jokes] in in a minute-and-a-half.

TVGO: Will this be like Last Comic Standing?
I don't think we're going to [try and] outdo each other. I think when you get comedians at that level, everyone is kind of experienced and it's just about not dying. It ain't about killing each other, it's about you not dying.

TVGO: Do you see the gig as an audition to someday host the show yourself?
I would like to look at it like that.

TVGO: What will you do to stand out?
I have an ability to say things that most people get in trouble for. The reality is, Latino products are more popular than [Latino] people, so I've got to speak out. And it's done in a sense where it's not divisive; it's inclusive. We just want to be included with everyone else. I mean, when I read polls in newspapers it's always black and white. We're one of the largest minorities, and they need to open up that pie chart.