Farrah Fawcett Farrah Fawcett

Farrah Fawcett has been hospitalized since Thursday, signifying the latest setback in the actress' 2-1/2 year battle with cancer.

Sources close to Fawcett's family tell RadarOnline.com, the first outlet to report on her hospitalization, that she has been unconscious and in critical but stable condition.

Fawcett, 62, was first diagnosed with anal cancer in October 2006. After undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments, her doctors declared her "cancer free" in February 2007. Months later, however, the cancer returned, prompting Fawcett to pursue aggressive and sometimes experimental treatments.

Fawcett's longtime boyfriend, Ryan O'Neal, and his son, Redmond, are reportedly at her bedside during this latest ordeal.