Elizabeth Reaser, The Ex List Elizabeth Reaser, The Ex List

It would seem that Bella will never reunite with her one true love. CBS has pulled The Ex List from its Friday line-up effective immediately. To date, 11 episodes (including the pilot) had been filmed, so seven remain unaired.

Despite debuting to decent critical notices, The Ex List has struggled in its berth between heavy hitters Ghost Whisperer and Numbers - both of which hit season highs this past week, while the Elisabeth Reaser-starrer sank to a low.

The Ex List premiered to 7.2 million viewers, which at the time was an "OK" 77 percent retention of the Ghost Whisperer audience. This past Friday, however, the freshman drama lost its grip on a full 43 percent of its lead-in, and was down 22 percent from its so-so debut.

Perhaps the worst news in all of this? The third item in my brand-new Mega Minute vodcast is now pretty much irrelevant. (I owe you an "extra" next week.)

For this week, at the very least, The Ex List will be replaced by an NCIS repeat.