Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys

Emmy ballots are due Friday! Voters have mere hours to check off the names and shows they think are worthy of getting a nomination come July 18. We here at have a few picks in mind ourselves. And so, here's our final dream ballot for Best Drama Series:

Emmys:'s picks for lead actor in a drama series

Emmys:'s picks for lead actress in a drama series


Yes, Season 2 had some ups and downs, but a bumpy Homeland is still a very damn good show by any standard. By hooking up Carrie and Brody, the defending champ has become the master at melding twists and paranoia through their chaotic tango. After ending Mad Men's four-year reign in the category and becoming the first show to win the series prize and both lead drama acting awards since 1993, Homeland is primed for an even bigger showing this year.

Mad Men
Dark and disillusioned, Season 6 was unlike any Mad Men outing we've seen before — and yet still contemplatively familiar in its deconstruction of Don. The four-time champ saw its run end at the hands of Homeland, but the good news is that it truly can't get any worse: It went an ignominious 0-17 last year.
Let's just say it: Scandal is downright ridiculous — and ridiculously addictive. Though its insane plots might not be the most realistic material, there's nothing else like it on TV right now. It doesn't need to be fancy and do slow-burn arcs; instead, it burns through stories like tires in a high-speed car chase that you can't stop watching. All eyes will be on the broadcast networks this year — last year was the first time that no network show made the drama series cut.

What do you hope is nominated?