Elton John says if being a diva means wanting things done his way, he'll gladly accept the title.

"As I get older I know what I want and I'm determined to get it, so if that's being a diva then that's it," the pop superstar tells TV Guide Online. "I have a temper and when I feel that my temper is justified I'll use it. But I don't think I'm unreasonable to work with."

John's had a hard time shaking the D word ever since his backstage fight with Tina Turner at last year's VH1 Divas concert. Adding fuel to the fire, he recently stormed out of a preview of his Broadway show Aida prior to the final curtain. According to John, the Aida production included music by another composer that he had specifically told the producers not to include in the show.

"If I'm not getting the right results, and people aren't listening to me, and I feel very strongly about something, then I am going to walk out of Aida," says John, whose walkout seemed to convince the producers of the error of their ways. "I said, 'It's my name on the Playbill and this music is cheesy, it's embarrassing, I didn't write it, please take it off.' And they did.

"The Tina Turner thing I don't really want to go into because it's unfortunate and we've made up," he adds. "We played a gig together on New Year's Eve, so that's no problem."