Scrubs - The Complete Fifth Season courtesy Buena Vista Home Entertainment/Touchstone Scrubs - The Complete Fifth Season courtesy Buena Vista Home Entertainment/Touchstone

Wow, May 22nd is a great day for TV-on-DVD, with plenty to choose for everyone. We have animated shows suitable for kids ( Avatar Season 2, Volume 3; Legend of the Dragon Season 1; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 1, Volume 1; Stuart Little; Hero High), and an animated show NOT for kids ( Afro Samurai). There are comedies ( Kitchen Confidential: The Complete Series; Scrubs Season 5), dramas ( The OC: Season 4; The Magnificent Seven Season 2; Roots), and even a sci-fi series ( Kyle XY Season 1). Yup, May 22nd is a good day for TV-on-DVD ( view the complete release schedule at

My pick for this week is a show I've loved since I first saw it, Scrubs. This 3-disc set includes all 24 episodes from season 5 along with 3 commentary tracks - "My Big Bird" (Neil Flynn and Randall Winston), "My Way Home" (Zach Braff) and "My Lunch" (John C. McGinley and John Michel), "My Way Home" extended 100th episode, My 117 episodes: 5 seasons of Scrubs, Deleted Scenes and Alternate Lines. The DVD features great transfers, awesome audio, and entertaining extras.

The hidden gem this week is Kitchen Confidential, which isn't a reality TV cooking show as the title probably leads you to believe, but a failed Fox comedy set in a trendy New York restaurant. The cast is made up of actors I enjoyed on other shows; Bradley Cooper ( Alias), Nicholas Brendon ( Buffy the Vampire Slayer), John Francis Daley ( Freaks & Geeks), Bonnie Somerville ( NYPD Blue) and John Cho ( Off Centre). The show was canned after 4 episodes, so there are 9 unaired episodes on the DVD. It's a shame because it was very funny, and could have caught on with a better name, and timeslot. I like that Fox can take failed shows and turn them into decent DVD sets - this one has commentary tracks, and a couple of featurettes.

Do you guys have any favorites for May 22?