Sean Kenniff, the Long Island, NY, neurologist dubbed by fellow castaways as "a putz," became the latest victim of the evil Tagi alliance on Survivor last night. Best known for employing a lame-brained alphabet strategy, Kenniff was voted off Palau Tiga after

Kelly — pegged in many polls as the contestant most likely to get the heave-ho next — won immunity in a Blair Witch-inspired challenge. Moments after learning his fate, Kenniff, who next month will appear on Guiding Light as a doctor, said that he hoped to be remembered as "the last good one to go down," an obvious dig at the cutthroat final four: Kelly, Richard, Rudy and Sue. This morning on The Early Show, however, he retracted that remark. "I was a little bit of a sore loser at that point," he said. Next week's big two-hour finale — which is expected to draw Super Bowl-type ratings — will conclude with a live hour-long town hall meeting with the 16 contestants; Early Show anchor Bryant Gumbel will play host. Meanwhile, last night on Big Brother, Karen, the emotional mother of four, was banished from the house. Viewers overwhelmingly picked her over co-nominees Josh and Cassandra.