David Duchovny says he learned an important moviemaking lesson when he agreed to star in the 1997 flop Playing God.

Duchovny, who's once again looking to turn his X-Files fame into big-screen stardom with the romance pic Return to Me, tells TV Guide Online he now realizes the importance of only committing to movies with completed scripts. The actor was given just a partial script when he agreed to star in Playing God, the crime thriller that died a quick death at the box office.

"I said yes before the script was done because I really liked the idea and I didn't know this game at all," recalls Duchovny, who made Playing God during a two-month break from The X-Files. "They said, `The script will be done by the time you finish.' And the script wasn't done, and we made it anyway.

"Playing God was not a great film," he admits. "Obviously there were really talented people involved. Angelina Jolie wins every award everywhere. So, it's not like we were a bunch of nitwits. It's just that it was a premature film."

Duchovny, who's still vague on whether he'll return for another season of Fox's The X-Files, also tells us he'd consider making a big-screen sequel to 1998's theatrical version of the popular series. "I would love to do that," he says. "If I got to do an X-Files movie every fifth, sixth movie that I did, that'd be fine with me."