Bruno Tonioli Bruno Tonioli

Judge Bruno Tonioli sat outside his trailer after the Dancing With the Stars results show Tuesday night, kicking back, drinking white wine, and reflecting on how much fun the stars appear to be having this season. "They're nice people and they work very, very hard," he says. "This show is a great personal experience for anyone."

So much so that Tonioli wants to give a shout out to two of Hollywood's most notorious celebs, Lindsay Lohan, who is constantly in and out of court, and self-described "warlock," former Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen. "I say, 'Lindsay, do this show, don't go to rehab. This show will change your life! And you'll get paid for it! And Charlie Sheen? You're welcome!'"

Tonioli, who knows you can't hide your real personality when you're learning how to dance — and when the cameras follow your every move — makes a strong case. "I would say to any celebrity who has had a rough ride, this is the way to prove to people that you're back. Charlie Sheen would be absolutely brilliant because on this show, there is no filter. This is who you are when you're in a situation where you have to apply yourself, and you have the three of us (meaning he and fellow judges Len Goodman and Carrie Ann Inaba) whacking you over the head."

Does he think Lohan and Sheen could take the criticism? "If they take this experience correctly, it would be fantastic," says Tonioli. "I don't play favorites. I just call it as I see it. We all do. We don't have any personal interest in how the celebrities do. But they could gain so much as people. You learn a new skill. You lose weight. People pay fortunes to lose weight. I say, 'Forget about the gastric bypass. This is safer, healthier. And better than rehab. Lindsay and Charlie, come and dance!'"

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