Ever wonder what it would be like doing a striptease in front of your grandma? Just ask Coyote Ugly star Piper Perabo.

A red-faced Perabo was sitting right next to her 91-year-old grandmother at the movie's New York City premiere when the time came for her scene-stealing striptease. "I kept looking at her and she's just smiling," the actress tells TV Guide Online. "All I kept thinking during the strip scene was 'Thank God there's no sex scene!' There had been a sex scene but it was cut out."

Perabo says the nonagenarian was pretty wowed by the whole premiere, which drew the likes of X-Men's Hugh Jackman, members of 'N Sync and Coyote Ugly co-stars Tyra Banks and LeAnn Rimes. "It's hard to show her something that she's never seen. When you're 91, you've kind of seen it all," she points out. "But it was her first 'Hollywood' premiere."

Even though Perabo plays a mighty convincing dancing bartender in the new pic ? which grossed a rowdy $17 million in its opening weekend ? she admits that she never had much success as a real-life cocktail waitress. "Unfortunately, I wasn't as witty as my character," she recalls. "Guys would be like, 'Hey! How's it going?' And I'd just be like, 'Uh... bye!'

"And I was clumsy," adds Perabo. "I was constantly dropping people's drinks. I didn't get any tips and I couldn't really talk back on top of dropping your drink. I was a bad waitress!"