Commander in Chief
Naval-base closures! Mentally challenged women on death row! The triumphant return of Zack Morris! I'm already exhausted, and that's just the teaser. The Steven Bochco effect truly gets underway this week, as

Mark-Paul Gosselaar joins the cast and even earns that fancy-schmancy "with" credit. Not quite as good as the "and," but still pretty darn cool for a Bayside High grad. Not to sound ageist, but I think we really needed the likes of young, hip, smooth-talking media consultant Dickie McDonald to bridge the gap between the First Kids and the Grown-Ups-in-Charge. Of course, I say that and Mac goes and asks her mother to move into the White House. Now if we could just get a newborn in there somehow. Hey, maybe Becca'll get herself knocked up! Then we'll have every generational permutation covered. And speaking of Mac's mum, A) Polly Bergen gives me the uncontrollable urge to hug something, even when she's going into the gory details of lethal injection with her youngest granddaughter, and 2) um, Mom? I hate to break it to you in front of the entire World Wide Web, but you're never, ever getting a tour of my office during actual work hours. I'm having visions of that scene with Templeton ("Your hair is beautiful, just like my husband's!") only with inappropriate baby photos and, I'm guessing, the ill-timed appearance of a big fat Ziploc bag full of Chex Mix. Back to our new arrivals: I'm officially not onboard with the oh-so-obvious Dickie/Ally McPressSecretary flirtation and please tell me you thought the same thing I did when he told her: "I poll everything." I'll bet you do, Dickie. I'll bet you do.