Clint Eastwood has a message to moviegoers who are becoming increasingly frustrated with trailers that spoil the best parts of the film: He feels your pain.

"I hate trailers that give everything away," the Space Cowboys director/star tells TV Guide Online. "Half the time you go and watch a film, you see eight or 10 different trailers and you've seen the whole plot line. There's really no reason to go see the film."

Most recently, audiences wanted to drown the creators of the What Lies Beneath trailer, which they felt revealed the film's surprise twist. For his part, Eastwood made certain the previews for Space Cowboys just teased the film's plot.

"A lot of people who make the trailers are being condescending by figuring that the audiences are stupid and have to be told exactly what everything is before they're going to go see it," he says. "Half the time you sit behind some kids [in the theater] and they're sitting there going, 'Oh yeah, this is a rental.' It doesn't allow the audience to have any imagination."

One Hollywood trend that Eastwood is enjoying is the onslaught of teen-oriented films. "One of my favorite pictures last year was Election," he says. "It was all young actors and it was terrific. Right now, I think there's more good young actors than I've ever seen in the business."