Nick Cassavetes and Adrian Grenier Nick Cassavetes and Adrian Grenier

Cheers to Entourage for getting Nick Cassavetes back in front of the camera.

In the HBO comedy's otherwise-lackluster season opener, the big surprise was the actor-turned-director's formidable presence as himself, intimidating Vince (Adrian Grenier) into performing a dangerous stunt for a movie. Who knew the filmmaker behind such weepies as The Notebook and My Sister's Keeper was such a tattooed hulk?

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The son of hugely influential actor/director John Cassavetes and indie icon Gena Rowlands, Nick made his uncredited on-screen debut in his dad's seminal 1970 film Husbands and later pursued an acting career that included guest shots on shows like Matlock and Quantum Leap. Since bowing as a director with his mom's 1996 flick Unhook the Stars, Nick has segued out of acting. But his strong work on Entourage makes us wish he'd reconsider. (In fact, he's got a role in the upcoming big-screen adaptation of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.) His papa would be so proud.

Did Nick Cassavetes impress you on Entourage?

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