Dean Norris Dean Norris

Cheers to Dean Norris for being so damn good on Breaking Bad.

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The bulldog-like character actor still snarls as Hank Schrader even though the DEA agent is mostly confined to his bed after getting shot in an ambush at the end of last season. But you can't keep a good narc down, so Hank will soon be back on the trail of meth genius "Heisenberg," unaware that it's really his brother-in-law Walter White (Bryan Cranston).

Norris is keeping busy as well, with recent guest shots on shows like CSI, Law & Order: L.A. and Fairly Legal. Plus, he's narrating and hosting the upcoming History channel miniseries The Stoned Ages, tracing the influence of drugs on society through the years. Unlike Hank Schrader, guess Norris couldn't just say no.

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