Ali Fedotowsky Ali Fedotowsky

Jeers to Ali Fedotowsky for keeping weatherman Jonathan in the picture on The Bachelorette. Sure, Canadian dental salesman (seriously, is there a better job description for a serial killer?) Craig M. is a nutjob, but unless Ali completely lacks insane-dar, she didn't need Jonathan to point that out. Jon-Boy's dislike for the guy--and blatant disregard for the Bro Code ("I feel no sense of false brother-ship with him," he ungrammatically declared) bordered on the pathological; he nearly matched Craig M. crazy-face for crazy-face. Plus, you almost couldn't blame Craiggers for mocking Jonathan's wacky Members Only-meets-Michael Jackson white jacket. From the moment he whined about the teeny bikini bottom he had to wear for the calendar shoot, Jonathan seemed like a weaselly weenie. Maybe Ali identified with him since she was the one who tried to warn Jake about Vienna on The Bachelor. Nobody likes a tattletale — except another tattletale, apparently.

Do you think Ali should've rained on Jonathan's parade?

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