Question: Any chance of some Lost scoop?

Answer: As a matter of fact, there's a pretty good chance, since I illegally and unethically obtained an advance copy of tonight's Juliet-centric outing. Now, before we get to the spoilers, I feel it's my responsibility to tell you that this is easily the best Lost episode of the season. Bar none. You want answers? This one's got 'em in spades. Not only will we find out how Juliet came to the island, but we'll learn why she stuck around and the reason her people gassed her. And unlike some of the show's other "answers," these make perfect sense in the context of the overall narrative.

We'll also discover that:

* Claire's kidnapping didn't exactly go as planned.
* Juliet carried on an affair with an Other whose name wasn't Ben or Henry.
* There are real feelings between Sawyer and Kate. I know because there's a moment between the two of 'em that made me go all misty-eyed and sniffly, and that's never happened to me while watching these two before.
* Sun's fetus has bigger problems than figuring out who its daddy is.

And stealing a page from Ain't It Cool News' playbook (thanks, Herc; wish I'd thought of it myself!), here are some of the episode's standout quotes:

* "I had the day off."
* "If you choose to stay, I promise you we will *a** ******'* *i**."
* "The last thing either of you needs right now is more blood on your hands."
* "Because I did it to her."

One question this episode didn't answer is which category Elizabeth Mitchell will win her Emmy in: lead or supporting. You've come a long way, Dinah Lee Mayberry.