Castle Castle

After two and a half seasons of banter, bullets and bad guys, Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) finally lock lips on tonight's Castle (10:01/9:01c, ABC). And, according to exec producer Andrew Marlowe, it was the crime drama's passionate viewers who played a role in making the smooch happen. "This is something we felt building in the fans," says Marlowe. But this doesn't mean the pair's sexy tension is over. "We're certainly aware of the Moonlighting curse," says Marlowe. "We want to be smart about what we do so the fans can continue to have a rooting interest in this relationship."

The intimate moment occurs after new information comes to light about the murder of Beckett's mom. "You'll learn more about why she was killed and who the forces were behind it," explains Marlowe, adding that the mystery will be explored again later this season, possibly in the finale.

As for Castle and Beckett going undercover... don't hold your breath. "They're not going to be in bed in the next episode," Marlowe says. "I think what the fans long for isn't necessarily what they want all at once. They want to watch the dance."

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