One-time Playgirl centerfold Burt Reynolds admits his sex appeal just isn't what it used to be. The 64-year-old actor tells TV Guide Online that he was on location in Florida shooting his latest pic, The Crew (opening today), when he and his co-stars ? Richard Dreyfuss, Seymour Cassel and Dan Hedaya ? got the blow-off from the bathing beauties of South Beach.

"We were all gawking and none of these ladies knew or cared who these old guys staring at them were," he says. "And we were all thinking, 'When did that happen? Just yesterday, somebody would have cared. But nobody cares now.' "

No doubt, Reynolds still maintains a sense of humor about himself. The actor chuckles at the irony of making fun of his own bad boy past as The Crew's "Bats," an out-of-work mobster who's known to throw a punch or two. "I never thought I'd ever play a guy that screwy, as screwy as I was in that moment," he says. "People used to get in line to have me hit them, because it would be great for their career. Also, it cost me a lot of money. So it's interesting to play a guy who's kind of wired wrong. He's a nice fella, just once in a while you press the wrong button and he turns into a Neanderthal."

With The Crew, Reynolds and Co. are hoping to catch on to the geriatric movie boom established by Clint Eastwood's Space Cowboys. Bringing together old pros, he says, can be a "very interesting" moviemaking experience.

"It can be like a bad marriage between two actors who fight for the mirror," jokes the Oscar nominee (Boogie Nights). "It's an ensemble piece and unless the other actors understand that this is my time to step back, it's going to come to a grinding halt. But there was so much experience between the four of us. So we all knew our spot. It made it wonderful."