Tom (Ryan Eggold) made a risky move on this week's episode of The Blacklist- and boy, was it the wrong call. Will it cause an irreparable rift in his relationship with Liz (Megan Boone)?

After discovering that Alexander Kirk (Ulrich Thomsen) had set up a video feed so that he and Liz could see Baby Agnes, Tom immediately suggests that they trace the link. Liz balks, assuming (correctly, as it turns out) that if Kirk sees them trying to trace the link, he'll immediately cut the feed, thus taking away their only access to Agnes. Instead, she wants to play the long game: getting Kirk to think she trusts him so that he'll let his guard down.

Tom agrees to go with Liz's plan, but then sneaks behind her back and enlists an old friend to trace the link. They storm what they assume is Kirk's house, only to discover that the location is a red herring. (Duh.) Unfortunately, Liz is watching all this in real time as she's video-chatting with Kirk, who doesn't believe her protests that she had nothing to do with the raid and, as predicted, immediately cuts the feed.

The Blacklist boss on what's ahead for Mr. Kaplan

Needless to say, Liz isn't too pleased with her husband. This is potentially a relationship-ending betrayal of trust ... exactly the sort of thing that could, say, send Tom off into his own show in a few months. Just saying.

Meanwhile, back at Kirk's residence, we get the latest twist in the "Who's telling the truth?" game. Kirk acknowledges to Liz that Agnes' blood could cure the fatal disease he has, but says that he's not after her blood; he just wants them all to be together, something that can't be accomplished until Red Reddington (James Spader) is out of the picture. And this appears to be genuine - it's Kirk's wife(?) who's egging him on (almost kind of sadistically?) to use the baby's stem cells, even though Kirk says he doesn't want to and his doctor warns him that taking stem cells from such a young infant is incredibly dangerous. We also learn that time's running out for Kirk, as his body has started to reject the transfusions and he has at most six months to live.

That period of time will be a lot shorter if Red has anything to say about it. He tracks down Kirk's hematologist through the ex-wife and son of an ecoterrorist, which also gives us our case-of-the-week story. Kirk and the boy share the same doctor, whom Red kidnaps and orders to let Red accompany him on his next visit to Kirk's house. He tells Liz about his plan and Liz, grasping at straws after Tom's betrayal, tells Red all about the video feed.

Back at the Post Office, Samar (Mozhan Mohro) makes good on her threat from last week and applies for a transfer. But it's motivated just as much by the reveal that Aram (Amir Arison) has a girlfriend as it is by her resentment of Liz. And, anyone rooting for those two to get together will have to wait a bit longer - Samar makes her bitterness known and Amar, in turn, says he's glad they won't be working together anymore.

And that pretty much wraps up this week's... oh wait! There's more! Whatever happened to Mr. Kaplan (Susan Blommaert)? As executive producer Jon Bokenkamp told us earlier this week, the guy who "rescued" her from the woods in last week's episode may have done her more of a service if he had just left her there. Initially, he seems OK - he's tending to Mr. Kaplan's wounds and is feeding her soup. But in the final scene, as Mr. Kaplan attempts to stand up, she discovers that her ankle is shackled to the bed. Just goes to show you, guys who look like Willie Nelson and Tommy Lee Jones just procreated are not to be trusted.

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