Rebecca Meyer Rebecca Meyer

Rebecca Meyer may have lost 73 pounds on the Biggest Loser ranch, but in the weeks after her elimination she gained a boyfriend: fellow contestant Daniel Wright.

"We didn't really like each other all that well in the beginning, and went from not liking each other to becoming friends to becoming best friends. After we both left the show, we wanted to spend hours on the phone talking to each other. I fell in love with my best friend," Rebecca told reporters the day after her elimination aired.

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Although the two reside in different states, Rebecca says they visit each other often and make sure they take one another to "each others' gyms and work out the same amount of hours" that they normally would.

Meyer, 25 and now down 122 pounds, says that Daniel, 20, is her boyfriend, the person she goes "gaga" over. "He's my sounding board when I'm having food issues or when I don't want to go to the gym. He understands it without me having to say it sometimes. That's the best part."

One person Rebecca isn't the biggest fan of right now is Rudy Pauls. During Rebecca's elimination in Week 10, Rudy voted her out by saying he didn't trust her. Although the two are friends now, Rebecca told, "It's really difficult for me to accept his excuses for wanting to vote me off... It's a little confusing, but [he's] that big brother you never really knew if you wanted."

See Rebecca's transformation and boyfriend reveal in the Jay Leno clip below.