What's the secret to making People's 50 Most Beautiful People list? Nia Long, star of Big Momma's House, knows the answer.

"I think beauty has a lot to do with confidence and accomplishment and just sort of being in a place where you're comfortable with who you are," the actress tells TV Guide Online. "It's an honor [to be on the list] because when you look through the magazine there are so many different types of men and women that have accomplished so many different things, and are beautiful in so many different ways."

Long, fast approaching 30, says measuring up to Hollywood's beauty standards is no easy feat. "I think that Hollywood puts such a tremendous amount of pressure on women to stay young forever and, you know, to alter their physical state because being older isn't something that's attractive. But you know what? It's bulls---. Excuse my French, but it is."

Getting back to reel life, the sassy Long admits she jumped at the chance to play Martin Lawrence's leading lady in the cross-dressing comedy Big Momma's House. "I think Martin is genius at playing other characters. If you look at his show, he has been doing it for a long time, and to see it in feature length is pretty incredible."

And while there's no mistaking Long's talent, she says she's often the victim of mistaken identity by her fans. "I've been called Halle Berry, Jada Pinkett, Regina King. I mean, they get us all mixed up. When will they know that all black women don't look alike?"