Big Brother's Dan, Danielle, and Ian Big Brother's Dan, Danielle, and Ian

[WARNING: The following story reveals the winner of Big Brother. Read at your own risk.]

After 75 days of lying, backstabbing, and blindsiding, Big Brother has crowned a new champion.

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In the final competition, Dan and Ian had to guess how previously evicted houseguests answered questions. Though the two were deadlocked early on, Ian soon pulled away to become the final Head of Household. Although Ian could have more easily beaten Danielle in a final showdown, Ian chose to honor his Final 2 deal with Dan and evicted Danielle, who became the seventh member of the jury.

During the jury's final interrogation of the houseguests, much of the focus was on Dan's ruthless gameplay throughout the season. Although he only won Head of Household once, he manipulated and flat-out lied to other players to stay in the house. While Dan argued he deserved the $500,000 grand prize because he cleverly stabbed all the jury members in the back, Ian argued that he had played a a much cleaner game.

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