Angie Swindell, <EM>Big Brother 10</EM> Angie Swindell, Big Brother 10

Much like Steven before her, Angie Swindell had her time in the Big Brother 10 house cut short because of her friendship with house mastermind Brian. Though she joined an alliance to oppose the powers that be (Libra, April and Ollie), the new team's inability to win head of household or power of veto sealed her fate. We caught up with her to chat about why she didn't lobby to stay and whether or not anyone can stop Libra before it's too late. So I can't say that this eviction was much of a shock.
Angie: Yeah, I definitely had a feeling it was coming, even before the nomination ceremony took place. You always have your hope that the plan to have Dan and Libra go up after the conversations Memphis and Jessie had with Keesha would happen, but you kind of have to take things for what they are. So, when my key wasn't pulled, it wasn't a big surprise. At that point I knew I was going home, so I was just trying to strategize in my mind what I could possibly do in order to survive. We didn't see you fight or lobby very hard. Were you just hoping Jessie would self-destruct?
Angie: I think that I lobbied a little more than what was maybe shown on TV. My approach to the whole game was the "lay low, plant seeds" strategy to let other people do the bidding and get targets on their back when it came down to things. So, I was hoping that if I did lay low, Jessie would self-destruct because he was already paranoid that everyone was going to vote against him. If he digs his own grave with me not causing any drama, it would have been much better for me staying in the house than If I had tried to lobby or be more forceful, giving them more fire to want to get me out. Unfortunately in the house this season, there are not a lot of people playing with common sense and rationale — they're playing emotionally rather than strategically. Those emotions are still linked back to Brian, who told us that he warned you and Steven to stick together. Do you think if you had listened, you'd still be in the house?
Hindsight is 20/20. If I could go back, I would take back being a part of that whole mob mentality that stormed Jerry's room and told him to put Brian on the block. Getting to know Brian that first week, I realized that he was somebody with a mind like me, as far as gameplay goes. He told both Steven and I that we really needed to stick together. Unfortunately what Brian didn't know was that I had already pledged my alliance to other people in the house. And after the backlash of me trying to campaign for Brian the last night before he got evicted, it was sink or swim. If I tried to save Steven that week, I'd have been in the same situation that I'm in now. I wish I could change those things, because if Brian and Steven were still in the game, it'd be a completely different story. Where do you see the Memphis, Jessie and Michelle alliance going now? Will they be able to oppose the rest of the house?
I absolutely think it's going to play out the same way it has played out the last three weeks. I just found out that April won HOH, and it's very sad for me because I really want Memphis, Michelle and Jessie to make it far in the game. For me in the game, if we were going to make a line in the sand, I wanted to make a line in the sand and let everyone know about it. Let's play, celebrate and not do any of this sneaky stuff. They’d have to be complete idiots to think that the rest of the house doesn't know we're aligned. So, with April winning HOH, they're naturally going to be the targets because they hung out with me, the last remnants of the Brian situation. Well, Dan is still hanging around. Do you think he's removed the target on his back?
Angie: Unfortunately for me, my target was bigger than Dan's. People seem to forget things they want to forget and stay on things they can't seem to forget. I think Dan will do well if he continues to lay low and include himself in the strategy sessions they have going on. How will his being America's Player figure into that?
Angie: It will be hilarious. I think Dan was the perfect houseguest for that to happen to. Dan's a floater, and he knows how to use his charisma and flattery to be perceived the way he wants to. Is there anyone in the house who can oppose Libra, April and Olie?
Angie: I'm hoping after this week, whoever is left out of Memphis, Michelle and Jessie can get into power and put up Libra and April. Then their alliance will have to choose who to send home, and I have a feeling it will be Libra. When she's gone, I have a feeling the house will change completely. What if they can't get Libra out? When will it be too late to stop her?
Angie: If Libra makes it three more weeks, she has a very good chance of bringing home the money. It's sad for me to say it, but she has been able to play the game the way the house needs it to be played and bully people into doing her bidding and getting out the people she wants out. That said, I'm really hoping Memphis and Michelle can bring it home.

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