BEVERLY GOODBYE SCORES BIG: The bad news is that Beverly Hills, 90210 is over; the good news is that the series finale scored huge ratings, giving Fox its best Wednesday night numbers in almost five years. According to the

Hollywood Reporter, 90210's weepy wedding beat Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and Jesus among viewers 18 to 49. Another blow against Regis and religion, huh?

MADONNA'S GUY STRIKES A POSE: Material Mom Madonna's main man was arrested Thursday in London for assaulting a fan outside Madonna's home. Britain's Sun tabloid reports that director Guy Ritchie kicked and punched the 20-year-old man while Madonna allegedly sat in her car and laughed! "[Ritchie] aimed a high kick at the camera around his neck — he must do kickboxing or something," said the injured fan's pal. "Then he started laying into him — punching and kicking. There was no reason for it. My mate wasn't taking pictures. He couldn't hit back — he's only slim and Ritchie is a big bloke. We thought it was never going to end."

ROSIE PLANS TONY MARATHON: Rosie O'Donnell is giving the producers of this year's Tony-nominated musicals a panic attack. The outspoken host of the Tony telecast has concocted an opening number that is so long, it could cut into air time allotted to scenes from the seven musicals that are up for awards. Producers fear the stage is being set for a repeat of last year's It Ain't Nothin' But the Blues debacle, when a scene from that show was cut at the last minute so the Tony telecast would end on time.—New York Post

JOSIE CREATOR LEFT IN THE COLD: Eighty-year-old comics legend Dan DeCarlo is a man without a job! The Comic Wire reports that DeCarlo, known for drawing Archie Andrews and Josie and the Pussycats among others, was fired by Archie Comics because he made a stink about wanting a share of the profits of the upcoming Josie and the Pussycats live-action movie. "This is a case about fairness, really. Archie refused to honor my rights as the creator of Josie and the Pussycats, and [the publisher] was trying to negotiate a deal to stop me attempting to sue and settle," DeCarlo says. The case is still in litigation.

MICK'S MUM DIES: Eva Jagger, 87-year-old mother of Rolling Stones rocker Mick Jagger, died Thursday after being hospitalized with a heart condition. Mick's late mother and surviving father, Joe, would have celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in December.

JULIE ANDREWS TO SING AGAIN?: Veteran star Julie Andrews (The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins) says she hopes to sing again despite losing her voice following throat surgery. "Do I think I will ever sing again? My answer is I have to be optimistic. And so I hope so," she tells London's Daily Telegraph. Andrews is suing a New York hospital and two doctors for alleged malpractice after she said her ability to sing was ruined by a throat operation.

HBO ORDERS MORE OZ: HBO has ordered another 16 episodes of the gritty prison drama Oz. New cast members joining the series will be Reg E. Cathey as the new warden and Lance Reddick as an undercover cop.

UPN ROLLS OUT NEW LINEUP: Among new shows getting the go-ahead for UPN's fall schedule: Freedom, a martial-arts action hour from big-shot movie producer Joel Silver; FBI drama Level 9; Girlfriends, a sitcom about four single African-American women, and, starting in February, pro football games from the newly formed XFL. — Jonathan Reiner