Beloved Broadway Kewpie doll Bernadette Peters is fostering a furry, ferocious creature. "My husband went with a friend to a shelter to get a dog and found this female pit bull whose throat was slit," she tells Spa Finder magazine. "It was either done on purpose or she'd had a collar on too long.

"We took her to the vet and we were going to find her a home, but of course I had to keep her. I couldn't throw her out again," Peters explains. "People don't realize what an amazing dog a pit bull is. In World War I it was America's most decorated and beloved dog. They're very loyal and affectionate. Stella is the gentlest dog ? all she wants to do is cuddle".

The 52-year-old actress, known for her terrific tresses, admits she does have some trouble with her luscious locks: "My hair does come out of my head curly," she says with a laugh. While such an affliction doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things, "I learned from experience that I can't get my hair dry between shows on matinee days [when she performs twice in Annie Get Your Gun]. And I try not to do too much with curling irons and hair dryers and rollers and things like that."

Peters's fans love her look, but the actress admits she had image problems back in the '60s. "You were supposed to be tall and very skinny and have straight hair. You know, Twiggy was the look then, and I was not cuttin' it. I was wearing all those falls to try to make my hair look long and straight. I needed straight hair to be popular in high school!"