What does it take to play a romantic lead opposite Jenna Elfman? For Ben Stiller, it just requires a pair of shoe lifts and a sense of humor in bed.

"When I realized I would be able to wear these elevator shoes so I could actually be in the same frame, then I started to feel good about the experience," the vertically challenged Keeping the Faith star tells TV Guide Online.

Altering his height was easy compared to acting out steamy love scenes with Elfman in front of the entire crew. "It's always hard to do a kind of intimate scene in a movie, I think, because there are all these people around, and you're pretending that you're alone with somebody in your most private time," he says.

"You definitely want to kid around so there's not a weird feeling like this is so serious," he says. "Also, you just want everybody to not make a big deal of it. So you try to have a quiet situation and a kind of lightheartedness about it."

Stiller also tells us he had to adjust to the idea of playing a rabbi in the movie: "The last time I was really spending a good amount of time in synagogue was when I was studying for my bar mitzvah, which was about 21 years ago, so it was a really interesting experience."