The Bachelorette, Kasey Kahl The Bachelorette, Kasey Kahl

The Bachelorette's most recent reject says he doesn't regret getting a tattoo that may have sealed his fate on the ABC dating show.

When the show's star, Ali Fedotowsky, told Kasey Kahl to stop trying so hard to win her affection, he did the complete opposite: The 27-year-old suitor got a tattoo to symbolize how he'd always "guard and protect" Ali's heart.

When Kasey showed Ali his new ink in Monday's episode, he was subsequently eliminated from the competition. Though Kasey struck out, he's still psyched about his body art.

Bachelorette's Chris Harrison calls Kasey's love tattoo creepy

"The tattoo is awesome [and] an amazing thing that I got for myself," he tells "I love it."

The advertising executive from Clovis, Calif., also says that the slogan he'll undoubtedly be known for wasn't created overnight. "I always want to guard and protect the heart, and I've never said it just like that, but that's always how I've felt," Kasey says, adding that his views on love come from seeing bad things happen to his mom during her relationships.

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Kasey's time on The Bachelorette may have ended with him alone on a glacier in Iceland, but he says he went into the show simply wanting to enjoy every minute of the experience.

"I was like ... 'Just go with it, open your heart up, become vulnerable, be who you are, enjoy it and go after this amazing beautiful girl.'"