Tonight's Arrow found Star City in major jeopardy as Cayden James (Michael Emerson) hacked basically everything to cause electrocutions, plane crashes and more major hack-cidents. One of them just so happened to be deadly for a character we've known since the early days of the show.

That's right, folks, poor Captain Pike (Adrian Holmes) is no longer with us.

This death is troubling for a few reasons — not just because he's been with the show in one way or another since Season 1. Pike was also a major supporter of Oliver (Stephen Amell) and the Green Arrow. It's a shame he never lived long enough to figure out that they're the same person. Probably for the best, legally speaking, but we feel like he would have rolled with it eventually.

The hacks were a bit of a good news, bad news situation though. Pike's demise was obviously the bad news, but the good news is that this revenge mission Cayden James is on might be a huge misunderstanding.

Cayden James is under the impression that a stray arrow from Oliver's bow accidentally killed his son (an innocent bystander) last year during a fight, but on that particular day, Oliver wasn't even in the city. He was out of town recruiting Dinah (Juliana Harkavay) to the team.

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If Cayden is mistaken, and Oliver didn't kill his son... wow, this whole revenge mission just got really awkward.

In other news, Vince (Johann Urb) isn't quite as villainous as we believed. He's actually a double agent, working to undermine the alliance of evil-doers in Star City. His help taking Cayden down could be invaluable, but only if he can keep up the ruse. Kind of hard to do when you're shooting your own men in order to save your girlfriend's team members.

Perhaps most exciting though, is the fact that William (Jack Moore) is finally on board with Oliver being the Green Arrow. Finding out his dad was lying to him was pretty devastating, but after watching him in action saving people and beating down bad guys, William finally understood that the city needed Oliver to put the hood on, no matter how dangerous. Plus, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) has been doing such a great job with her new stepmom duties that he knows he won't be an orphan if Oliver does meet an untimely end. That's... kind of morbid, but kind of sweet. Sounds like Arrow, all right.

The big question now is whether Diggle (David Ramsey) will be OK with Oliver putting the hood back on permanently. Being the new Green Arrow was important to him, and still is. With that role taken, will he be content to stay Spartan?

Arrow airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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Jack Moore and Stephen Amell, <em>Arrow</em>Jack Moore and Stephen Amell, Arrow