Oscar-winning oddity Angelina Jolie, currently seen in Gone in Sixty Seconds, tells TV Guide Online that her shotgun marriage to Billy Bob Thornton will probably be around a lot longer than a New York minute.

"There wasn't much thought behind it," she confesses. "That's why it was so intimate, why we were so casually dressed. It was just about us, in our clothes, looking at each other and saying, 'This is it for life.' "

The actress also lashes out at tabloid reports that tried to paint her relationship with her brother as incestuous. "You know, you didn't hurt my brother [James Haven]. My parents loved that moment [at the Oscars], and that's what will always matter. [But] reading things about me and Billy is always going to hurt just because it's strange to me that people don't think that the beautiful things in my life are worth mentioning. Maybe it's not interesting that I have only been with a few people and I am completely, madly, obsessed ? sexually ? with just my husband, and I love him. It's strange that somebody would say we're divorced or that our marriage isn't serious, but we expected that, because we got married very quickly."

What's the wildest thing the actress has ever read about her nascent marriage? "There was recently a thing [in the tabloids] that Billy said that I had, like, stabbed him and then went to the nuthouse, or something. We thought that was kind of funny. I mean, if I wanted to kill him, I'd kill him, you know?"