Angelina Jolie by George Pimentel/ Angelina Jolie by George Pimentel/

Angelina Jolie's lawyers reportedly have identified and are about to give a beat-down to some sad sack who has been posing as her personal assistant, and even used a dummy e-mail account to dupe Entertainment Tonight into errantly reporting that Angie and Brad's twins were born last Sunday. "This is a fake. A scam on the media and the public," reads a letter from Jolie's lawyers to media outlets (and cited by the New York Daily News), warning them of the chicanery.

I will now ignore the email I just got from saying she'll be guest-starring on Ugly Betty.

Speaking of Angelina and fakery, I highly recommend this story on how The Star is using an old, out-of-context photo to support an "Angelina Collapses!" cover story. Sad. - Matt Mitovich