The Amazing Race - Marcy and Ronald The Amazing Race - Marcy and Ronald

Dating couple Marcy Maloy, 60, and Ron Shalita, 59, wanted to represent "older couples" on The Amazing Race, but their time was cut short Sunday after falling behind on a far-flung Detour. There was little disappointment, however, since the pair was eliminated in Vietnam, the same place Marcy's father was shot down and later rescued while serving in the Air Force during the Vietnam War. "It was so wonderful to be there," she tells "Obviously the war divided the north and the south, and we met people from the north and the south, and they were the most beautiful, smiling people." See what else the two had to say about their emotional exit, why they did not misunderstand the Detour clue and more. The way the episode was edited, it seemed like you spent a lot of time at the Detour and that's what did you in. Was it?
Oh, I would say it was more like a bad taxi! We didn't really spend that much time doing the Detour. We got the letters fairly quickly and then went downstairs to solve it. I would say it was about 10 or 15 minutes.
Ron: Yeah, it wasn't that long. I think the problem was that our Detour was further away, so we had to travel further, and then we were stuck in traffic for a while. It was brutal. But, you know, that's the way it is sometimes. You just never know what's going to happen. Who knew that all the other teams would do the other Detour? We chose brains over brawn, and it turned out brawn was easier! Why did you try to unscramble the word yourselves? Did you not know you could ask someone?
We didn't know we could! [Laughs] The clue said to go to the roof of the hotel, find six Vietnamese letters in the traffic circle and then figure out the well-known Vietnamese word it spells. It said "figure out." It didn't say anything about asking people, so we went downstairs and tried to figure it out! We were the only team there too, so we were calm and focused and ready to take everything in, you know, hoping to recognize something on the signs. Then we finally asked someone, but I wouldn't say we lost a lot of time doing it. ... I think they also made us seem more calm than we were — or maybe it looked that way compared to everyone else [who were] moving those animals around — but we were definitely determined and fighting to stay in. They also made it look like a three-way race to the Pit Stop, but you guys were clearly last when you got to the Roadblock. No one else was there.
Yeah, but as we were getting there, we saw Lance and Keri take off. They had just gotten done, so we knew we weren't that [far] behind.
Ron: They had trouble securing a cab — they had a whole lot of problems this leg! But they were all turned around, and our taxi had trouble getting there too. That's another thing they didn't show — just bad, bad taxi luck.

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