The Amazing Race, Gary and Matt The Amazing Race, Gary and Matt

Father and son Gary and Matt Tomljenovich might have made the final four of The Amazing Race if not for a Speed Bump and getting tripped up by vocabulary. (Note to Matt: a "candelabra" is not an Estonian man downing beer). The partners, ages 47 and 22, say they were actually better than they looked on TV. "They made it seem like we took a while at the Roadblock, but we didn't," Gary tells "Once he figured out what a candelabra was, we got out of there pretty quick. We actually made up time when we got to the mat." By how much did they miss a semifinal spot? Find out below — and see what team they worked alongside. The way the episode was edited, it seemed like you reached the Detour just as Brian and Ericka finished the slingshot. Did you see them?
We didn't see them. They had just [checked in] when we showed up. They said we were seven minutes behind the last team. ... We knew we were last going into the Roadblock. We weren't sure we were last [at the end], but we had a good feeling, like unless someone got really lost, we were out.
Gary: We did the slingshot pretty quickly. It wasn't hard at all. We probably would've beaten them if we made up the seven minutes somehow or if there had been a less athletic team playing volleyball.

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[Laughs] Well, I read the additional information [sheet] pretty fast because I knew I had to make up some time and I thought it said, "You cannot work with other teams." But it said "You can..." and I just read it wrong in my hurry. At that point, I wasn't talking to anyone and just ran up there and ran down. And it worked! I have to give you props for being one of the three teams to identify Jackie Kennedy.
[Laughs] In defense of the other teams, the picture was small and grainy, but we did get it right!