Mika Combs and Canaan Smith Mika Combs and Canaan Smith

Canaan Smith, 26, and Mika Combs, 22, saw their Amazing Race dreams slide away when Mika, paralyzed by her fear of water and heights, couldn't take the plunge down the Leap of Faith waterslide in Dubai, allowing Harlem Globetrotters Flight Time and Big Easy to pass them. "I knew I had to go," Mika tells TVGuide.com. "I knew in my heart I would be OK, that I wouldn't die or anything, but it's six stories high and I just couldn't do it." See what else the couple has to say about her teary meltdown that played out for 45 minutes. Plus: Did they really think Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was Queen Elizabeth?

TVGuide.com: Mika, I think everyone's wondering why you would go on the race if you're afraid of heights and water.
Right. I had these fears before the race and when I watched the show, I said, "You know what? I think I can do it for $1 million." When I got there, I realized that no matter what situation or what circumstance you're in, you are still yourself. Unfortunately, I couldn't overcome my fears on the race. It was probably the worst feeling I've ever had, being there on the top of the slide, wanting to go in a sense, but at the same time being so terrified of going.

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TVGuide.com: Canaan, a lot of people think you were abusive toward her, trying to push her and pulling her fingers off the bar. Do you think you were out of line?
Abusive my butt! I did what any competitive person would do. I wanted to win the race. I tried every angle for 45 minutes. I tried being sweet, understanding and patient with Mika, and that wasn't working. I tried being forceful and brash, and that wasn't working. Going into the race, I knew if we got to the point where we had to jump off a building or anything like that and she was going to hold us up, I would push her. I don't regret trying to do that. I don't think it was abusive in the least. I think people need to take another look at what abuse means.
Mika: I think he realized how strong I really was when he was trying to push me! I had a death grip on that handle. That's what fear does to you. You become so strong because you're so afraid. There was a lifeguard at the top. At one point, Canaan was trying to peel me off the wall and I looked at [the lifeguard] and went, "Please help me!" And he just stared at me. [Laughs] I tried to get help, but nobody helped.

TVGuide.com: I thought Flight Time and Big Easy showing up would give you an incentive to go. What went through your mind when they came?
When I saw them, I knew I only had two minutes [to complete it before yielding to them]. I thought, "If I went down now, it probably won't be worth it because Big Easy's legs are about as tall as I am." So if I went, they probably would've won in a footrace.

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