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It became a battle of the brothers at the end of The Amazing Race 16, with the Rhode Island-bred Daniel, 25, and Jordan Pious, 23, edging out cowboys Jet and Cord for the $1 million — without any advantage from cutting in line at the airport. "We were in the same exact plane at the same exact time, all middle seats in three consecutive rows. Caite and Brent, who were first to get tickets, were in the row furthest from the front," Dan tells TVGuide.com. "If people want to be up-in-arms about cutting, I can understand that, but don't think that it affected the Race. ... And Cord did a good job of getting revenge and distracting me at the virtual challenge, so I guess we're even." It was, rather, the move up to first class that ensured the Piouses a lead that they never relinquished. So how did they smooth-talk their way up front?
TVGuide.com: What was your tactic behind cutting the cowboys?

Jordan: We had not done one single thing on the entire Race to piss off another team. We were not that team. But fans have to understand that it's the final leg. You have a one in three chance of winning $1 million. At the end of the day, it's a game, so you have to make moves. That move didn't make a difference and we kind of knew that. I was just hanging out with Caite, so that was where I was in line. But it kind of riled us up and got us excited to put the pedal to the metal in the final leg.

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