Tim, Danny Tim, Danny

The Amazing Race turned into Austrian Idol for a bit on Sunday, when teams had to sing Franz Schubert's "Die Forelle" with the Vienna Boys Choir. Unfortunately for Oklahoma BFFs Tim and Danny, the former's tone-deafness did them in. "I can't sing, I can't speak German, I definitely can't sing German," he tells TVGuide.com. "That's pretty tough." How long did they spend at the musical Roadblock? Find out below. Plus: See what they say they should've done last week with the Double U-Turn.

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Between last week and this week, did you ever think you'd be tripped up by singing and dancing?
 [Laughs] Never! The two rules of going on The Amazing Race are you have to know stick shift and know how to swim. We didn't even think about singing and dancing. That's one of our big faults right there.

How far behind Ally and Ashley were you?
 Ten, 15 minutes. We actually saw the girls when we got to the maze and we thought they forgot to do the maze and that's why we were trying to be quiet. We thought they were running to the mat without going to the maze and they would have to run back, so we didn't talk to them. We thought we had a shot at the end.

How long did the singing take? It seemed like you were there for a while.
 I was sitting up there waiting and watching everybody else come out. Everybody else at least gave it a go once or twice before Tim even came up the stairs the first time. We were there forever!

What was so difficult about it? The German words? Can you just not sing? Are you tone-deaf?
 It was all of the above! ... I did it in like an hour, which is pretty decent for me, I guess, but not as good as all the other teams.

Your instructor told you to sing like Justin Timberlake.
 Yeah, don't you think I pulled that off pretty well? I'm the German Justin Timberlake. [Laughs
Danny: I think that might've been part of the problem. Our instructor was a little out there.
Tim: Yeah, during my first attempt, the music started and I paused. The instructor never told me when to jump into the song. I was a little off to begin with. He taught me how to sing and everything, but he didn't tell me when to jump in with the piano. He's a great guy, very helpful, but I guess it was tough to communicate with him on the main points of what to do.

Do you think the pianist was a harsh judge or do you think the task itself was just hard?
 I think everyone was judged fairly. I think it was just a really tough challenge. Nobody expected it. When they choose you for the show, you never think about singing or dancing. You train to get in shape and stuff. I think it caught everybody off-guard. You'd be surprised at how well the other Tim and Travis did. They have musical experience. Me and Tim took choir in ninth grade and that was it.
Tim: I was actually the lead singer of my third grade class. I don't know what happened there.

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