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After scoring the first tickets on the first flight to London on The Amazing Race 17, Ron Kellum, 45, and Tony Stovall, 42, quickly saw their fortunes take a turn for the worst once they landed. The best friends — and self-described navigational experts — never recovered from driving in the wrong direction looking for Stonehenge and became the first team ousted from the new season. "We just kept marveling, like, how did this happen?" Ron tells "In Boston, getting to the airport, we were the only team that didn't make a wrong turn. We get to England and it's like, I don't know my right from my left!" Find out how long they were lost for, if they completed all the tasks and if they think they jinxed themselves.

Phil Keoghan: A game-changer does Amazing Race good So where did you guys drive to? It seems like you drove to France in that time.
[Laughs] We could have! We just decided to take a tour of the English countryside. We got on — I don't even know if they're called interstates — but it was similar to an autobahn, where there were no exits for 25 miles. So literally, we went 25 miles the wrong direction and we were in rush-hour traffic. By the time we got on the right loop, which took us about an hour after we got off, we had to travel back another 25 miles. It was devastating. How did you get on the wrong entrance?
There's a part of the motorway where it splits, and we needed to go left. We were in the right lane, but we couldn't get over fast enough. We knew immediately that we were going the wrong way, but there was nothing we could do. As Ron said, it's not like here where when you get off, you can just turn right back around. It was awful, just knowing we were going the wrong way. It wasn't like we were "La-la-la-la-la, we're going the right way." How far behind were you? Did you get to finish all the tasks?
We actually did get to finish all the tasks. It was unfortunate they didn't show it. Once we arrived at Eastnor Castle, we knew we were the last team. We landed around 6:50 a.m. and we literally drove eight hours that day. ... We didn't know how far behind [the last team] we were.

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