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The No. 1 rule of The Amazing Race is to always read your clue — except Jennifer Young didn't have it on her. But instead of biking back to the start of the fish-delivering Roadblock, she chose to wait it out in the Malawian village, sealing her and brother Justin's fate. "I thought I had seen other teams in the same village, so I thought that we're all delivering to the same place and I'll wait for somebody. Yeah, no!" she tells TVGuide.com. "I found out later they were delivering to different places and there was another entrance to this village, so my plan did not work. ... After a while, I figured out that they must've already delivered or they went somewhere else to deliver, so I gotta get out of here." Find out how long she stood in the village — and how Justin and his fellow Racers did in the New York City Marathon.

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Let's start from the beginning: How did you forget to take the clue with you?
Well, in my head, I was thinking, "OK, you didn't do so hot the last time you got on a bike [in Indonesia], so let's eliminate all things possible off your body." That included my fanny pack, which had my clue in it. I handed it all to Justin and tried not to kill my passenger as we rode down the street. I'd read it before I left, but I didn't internalize everything, which was a huge mistake. Then I decided to stay there, which was another huge mistake. Plus, I just wasted a lot of time second-guessing myself —"What should I do? What should I do?" — when I should've just gone back to the beginning because that's where we always start and finish things.

How long did you stand there?
Oh, gosh! It must've been an hour or more. I had on a watch, but I guess I didn't realize when I started. It felt like a long time, but you never know. You worry about wasting more time if you do the wrong thing. ... I thought about going back the whole time. I went up to the main road, back down to the village, up to the main road, back down to the village. Then I just said, "Forget it! I'll just go all the way back."

You didn't think you would save time to go back so at least you knew what you had to do even if you didn't have to go back to the start?
No, because I thought, "What if the person is here in the village?" It said something about a bike master. You just weigh the odds and make the best decision you can under the pressure. I eventually did the right thing, but a little too late. ... I thought we were in last place, but when Justin said the team before us had left an hour ago, I was like, "Oh, my God! I'm so sorry!" I really lost track of time. I don't like standing anywhere for an hour, so I don't even know how that was possible for me. I'm not a "standing still" kind of person. I look back on it, like: How silly was this? Just go back to the beginning. It's my mistake and Justin's been really gracious about not rubbing it in and not making me feel like the worst sister ever.

Why did you walk the bike back?
Oh, no! I rode the bike. The only time I walked it was on those bumpy dirt roads and going down the hill to the village. But, you know, that's how it goes. If you walk at all, that's the confusion they like to show and that's all right. I rode a lot and that was the only way to get back. We were about two or three miles away.

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