As super-fit personal trainers, you'd think Adam Malis and Rebecca Cardon would've been the team to beat on The Amazing Race. But the duo's frequent arguments seemed to hold them back throughout the contest and, despite a last-minute surge, they wound up capturing the bronze. Here, the quirky twosome tells TV Guide Online about their teamwork (or lack thereof) and why they didn't speak to each other for two months after the race. Also, Adam finally reveals what's up with those Hellboy hair horns and his sexually ambiguous appearance.

TV Guide Online: You were stuck in last place for much of the final leg. Did you ever think you'd catch up?
Adam Malis:
When we were in Japan, we tried to get on the flight Freddy and Kendra were on. We had tickets for a later flight, but we were trying to switch to the earlier plane. The woman at the counter would not let us on! We had no bags to check and there were definitely seats available. While I was standing there, she let at least 10 people on the plane ahead of us. I threw the biggest tantrum in front of that woman.
Rebecca Cardon: They were about to bring security over and throw us out of the airport!
Adam: Yeah, some guy who was the woman's boss came out and tried to calm me down. But he ended up saying, "You guys voted for George Bush, and this is why we have these procedures." And I was like, "We didn't vote for George Bush! What are you talking about?"

TVGO: It seemed like you were finally starting to click as a team at that point.
Oh yeah. We ran a pretty flawless race on that last leg. We weren't following anybody, we were just doing our own thing, making our way through all the challenges and rockin' it. That's why we're so confident that, had we gotten on that plane with Freddy and Kendra, we would have taken the $1 million. We could outrun and outeat them. And we ultimately finished about an hour behind them, which was how far behind our flight was.

TVGO: How come it took so long to find your groove?
When we were bunched with all the other teams, we questioned ourselves and thought that other people knew more than we knew. We just sort of followed people and that's where mistakes occurred. But toward the end, when the teams were filtered down, we had a lot more time on our own, and we had to step it up and use our knowledge. And that's when things started to happen.

TVGO: Overall, are you happy with the way you were depicted on the show?
First of all, I think Rebecca is a rock star. She kicked ass. But everyone always asks me, "Are you happy with the way they edited you?" And I'm always like, "That's who I am." That's me.Rebecca: There are many facets to Adam. I think the show focused on the side of him being scared of things, because that's more interesting TV. But there's a whole other side to him that people at home aren't able to see.Adam: I wish the country could see me teach a spinning class, because a lot of people would quickly change their minds. I'm very confident when I'm at the gym or at work — you know, in my comfort zones. But then there's also another side of me that's more sensitive. And it doesn't embarrass me for people to see that side.

TVGO: What's the status of your relationship since the race?
When we first came home, we had just spent a lot of time with each other and we continued to do that for a bit. Then, we took a little break and Rebecca actually told me one night, "I forbid you to call me." After that, we didn't talk for two months. We actually watched the show apart and we missed each other, especially me watching the show without her.Rebecca: We got together before the finale because we knew we'd have to come to New York and do all this [media] stuff. And since we've been together the past couple of weeks, it's been really nice and we really enjoy each other. We really can't put our relationship in a category because it is so multifaceted. We love each other, that's the bottom line. I don't know if we'll get back together or if we'll remain friends or if we'll get married or what. We have no clue, but we're open to what the future holds.

TVGO: How exactly did you meet in the first place?
She was a guest at my gym, and I saw her and stared at her for about a week, drooling. One day, she signed up for a spinning class at a time I don't teach, but the other instructor didn't show up. So somebody at the front desk knew that I liked her and paged me to come in to teach the class.
Rebecca: I was like, "This guy is so cute! And so gay!" I tried to set him up with my gay friend; then he revealed to me that he wasn't gay, but, in fact, liked me.

TVGO: Do you get that a lot, Adam?
Yeah, that's gone on long before the show started. And you know, I do work at a predominantly gay gym and a lot of my clients are gay. I do wear tights, I'm an aerobics teacher, and I don't mind being sensitive. Again, it doesn't bother me at all — that's just me.
Rebecca: I told him, "It's OK that you're gay, that's fine." And he was like, "I work in a gay gym and I have a lot of gay friends. If I was gay, I'd be gay."

TVGO: What's next for you both?
I'm working with a company called Six Jewels. They do lingerie and other accessories and I'm in their catalogue and [working as] their spokesperson. There are also a lot of charity events I've been contacted to do. For example, I'm going to Ohio in March to be part of the Reality 4 Diabetes event.
Adam: I'm back in Los Angeles, doing the West Coast thing like always. I think that I'm finally going to move out of my parents' basement this summer. I'm talking to people about doing a fitness/adventure TV show. I also really want to do is be in a circus, so I'm taking classes in trapeze and gym balancing. Maybe one day you'll go to Vegas and see me in Cirque du Soleil!

TVGO: Finally, Adam what's the origin behind your hair horns? And are you sorry you allowed them to be cut off on The Early Show?
When I first started hanging out with Rebecca, we were sitting on her bed one day and you know how girls start playing with people's hair? Well, she put a hair band or two in my hair and she was like, "It looks cute; I kinda like it." So we went out that night and I left them in. I don't think she expected that two years later, I'd still have them and that they'd be on national TV! Everyone was really adamant that I should cut them [off] before going on the show, but I said, "No, we'll stand out." Rebecca was the only person who told me to keep them. I'm glad I kept them, and I'm a little sorry they're gone now. My head is a little cold. But I'm thinking of putting them up on eBay for an auction and donating the proceeds to a charity or something.