Aiight, we all knew that Sescie was preggers that kid's coif is gonna rock and had a pretty good idea that Jonathan was gonna pop the question. Hell, his sister-slash-host Robin told my senior editor that she was going to be a bridesmaid last week at a Fox party for TV critics on the Santa Monica Pier. But who knew the rest of this get-together was going to be such a lovefest!? Despite the old clips of Jon Boy harshing on his staff and hating on that tool who designed his product line, the family vibe here was thicker than assistant Scott's lisp. Even the absence of former employees Kimberly, Daniel and Edward was handled with more sensitivity than is usually allowed on reality TV. And how much do we love the Antin elders, being so proud of their overachiever like that? Of course, some of you may be out there gagging on this group hug with great hair, so lemme just say two things: Yeah, maybe some of it was faux, but would you rather have Rosie and the rest of the crew singing boss man's praises or some ugly "You screwed me!" mess like those Survivor reunions? And secondly, I got the real deal from adorable Alyn last week while he worked his magic on my locks and it turns out that oh, snap. This is the part where I tell you to check next week for his take on what we didn't see this season. OK, so then, yeah. Hit up the Insider section next Tuesday. It'll be delicious.