What happens when you fuse the Latin explosion with the boy band craze? According to singing sensation 98 Degrees, you get a Revelation. The band's new album, in stores Sept. 26, features some Latin flavoring in addition to a few other surprises.

"The new record is very diverse," member Drew Lachey tells TV Guide Online. "No two songs on it sound alike, which is definitely something that we set out to accomplish. We also wrote 10 out of the 12 songs on this record, which for us was great to be a part of the creative process in such a large way."

Nick Lachey is confident that fans will not be disappointed with Revelation. "[They] can expect the best work from 98 Degrees that we've ever done," he says. "This has taken everything to a new level ? the up tempos, the ballads... everything's better and it's more of a reflection of who we really are as artists and the direction that we really wanted to go."

And proof that all the fame and fortune has not gone to their heads, the young heartthrobs still make time for a good cause. Last Saturday, they joined forces with Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Chevy Chase and Alec Baldwin to celebrate Arthur Ashe Kids' Day in Queens, NY, an event that helped kick off the U.S. Open. In fact, Lachey and bandmate Justin Jeffre volleyed a few serves with Andre Agassi, Lindsay Davenport, Martina Hingis and Todd Martin to benefit the late tennis champ's favorite charities.

But Lachey and Jeffre won't be turning pro anytime soon. For now, they'll stick with what they know. "In January we're going to kick off the big tour," notes Lachey, "and up until then, we're going to be doing promotional stuff and hopefully that will turn into a worldwide tour that will take us all over."