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Foxx's Lady

Jamie Foxx will resort to any means necessary to persuade singer/actress Lauryn Hill to be his leading lady in director Oliver Stone's in-the-works remake of A Star Is Born.

"She thinks I'm stalking her," the Bait star jokingly tells TV Guide Online. "I'm trying to get her interested [in the film] so I'm going to her concerts. She said, 'You're making me nervous!'" As Foxx explains, an offer has gone out to the Grammy-winner, but "nobody can get in touch with her. I don't know why. If it was Lauryn Hill, it would be absolutely incredible." And if not, another R&B sensation currently is under consideration: Aaliyah. "Aaliyah is very talented," he says of the Romeo Must Die star. "She'd bring the hot, the sexy, the whole nine!"

Until that casting situation resolves itself, Foxx is busy promoting his current film, Bait, which opened to a disappointing $5.5 million gross over the weekend, and he's hard at work read more


Shelagh Fraser, best known as Luke Skywalker's Aunt Beru in the first Star Wars, died recently of a lengthy illness, reports The actress — who also appeared in the films Hope and Glory and Staircase — had been a regular on the sci-fi convention circuit. read more


Dawson's Creek is about to be dealt a major blow from Mother Nature. No doubt hoping to capitalize on the success of the box-office smash The Perfect Storm, producers of the WB drama are plotting an episode that sends its cast headfirst into the squall of the century. "We actually got a water tank and did movie effects," a show spokesperson tells TV Guide Online of the Oct. 18 installment. The rep also confirms that the WB has licensed the Madonna single "Don't Tell Me" for use in Dawson's new TV promos. The ballad appears on the pop star's newest album, Music, in stores today. read more


Sopranos Emmy-winner James Gandolfini will earn $10 million for the next two seasons of the HBO mob hit... MTV has cancelled its late-night talk show Loveline after four years... John Henton, star of UPN's The Hughleys, remains hospitalized after being seriously injured in a car accident last Friday in Los Angeles, the New York Post reports. He is expected to make a full recovery... DreamWorks will release a double-disk special edition DVD of its summer blockbuster Gladiator on Nov. 21. More than four hours of extra material will be featured... Friends star Matthew Perry will play a process server trying to deliver legal papers to an elusive female in the upcoming comedy feature Servicing Sarah, Variety reports... The trade paper also says that a sequel to John Carpenter's Vampires is in the works... NBC's Olympic woes rage on, with Monday night's coverage performing well below the fourth-day ta read more


Regis Philbin got into the Survivor craze on this morning's Live by sinking his teeth into an oven-roasted rat. Amid chants of 'Regis' from the studio audience, the Millionaire man took a blink-and-you-missed-it nibble of the rodent after guest co-host and Survivor alum Gervase Peterson did so first. It's all part of the show's Survivor week, with a different castaway serving as guest host each day. Thursday's episode promises to be Must-See TV when Philbin is joined by loudmouth truck driver Susan Hawk. That same day, presidential candidate George W. Bush is scheduled to make an appearance. "I hope Sue is a Republican," Philbin quipped. Speaking of Hawk, the New York Daily News reports that CBS has given the tapioca lover permission to appear in an episode of NBC's new David Alan Grier/Delta Burke sitcom DAG. However, there's one stipulation: the Peacock network has been forbidden from promoting her pe read more


In a major overhaul, the cable network TNN is dropping most of its country content and changing its name from The Nashville Network to The National Network, Variety reports. "We want to create a balanced programming schedule that will appeal to adults 18 to 49," said Tom Freston, chairman of MTV Networks, which owns TNN. The network — which will move its headquarters from Nashville to New York — will adapt its new format over the next couple of years. Fans of TNN's country programming need not worry: some of the shows will be siphoned off to sister network CMT (Country Music TV). read more

Question: I loved the show ...

Question: I loved the show St. Elsewhere. Is there any station that carries it? Also, didn't a younger Helen Hunt play on it at one time as one of the doctor's girlfriends or wives?

Televisionary: Yes and yes.

						 						You can catch St. Elsewhere reruns on the heaven-sent TV Land (and I say that without a hint of sarcasm — I love that network). There's just one catch: unless you're nocturnal you'll have to set your VCR. The classic drama is on every day, but at 4 am/ET.

Ms. Hunt played recurring character Clancy Williams, the love interest of Dr. Jack Morrison (David Morse) on the show. Also of note in the cast were a young(er) Denzel Washington and ace actor and Screen Actors Guild President William Daniels, whom you'll be seeing a lot more of should that looming SAG strike happen next year.

As for how mu read more


Kevin Costner is in talks to star in Dragonfly, a $75 million drama for Universal Pictures, Variety reports. The Oscar winner would play a grieving doctor who feels his dead ex-wife is contacting him through the near-death experiences of his patients. Tom Shadyac — the guy guilty of bringing Patch Adams to life — is set to direct. read more


Court TV has bowed to public pressure and pulled the plug on its controversial Confessions series, which features actual videotaped confessions of criminals. Since premiering on Sept. 10, the show has generated good ratings but has been widely criticized for being exploitive and insensitive to crime victims and their families. read more

Question: Nearly everyone at ...

Question: Nearly everyone at the Emmys was wearing a yellow ribbon with some sort of pin. I kept waiting for someone to speak up and mention what they were for, but no one did. Do you know what they were for? Thanks! — Michelle

Televisionary: The gold ribbons — most stressed they were gold since yellow reminds too many people of that old Tony Orlando song, I guess — were worn by a large number of attending actors and actresses to show support for striking members of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) unions. In what's become Hollywood's longest strike ever — it began May 1 — commercial actors who belong to the unions are walking the picket line over residuals paid by the advertising industry.

Essentially, every time you see a commercial on a broadcast network, the talent appearing in it get paid a certain amount. Advertisers want to roll back the residuals and pay tale read more

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