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New Vampire Slayer Wanted?

Where's the Watchers Council when you need it? Historically, every time that one Slayer is killed on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, another is magically drafted for active duty. Heck, back in the first season, Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) only stopped breathing for a matter of seconds before a successor, Kendra (Bianca Lawson), was dispatched to Sunnydale. So, after Buffy spent the entire summer pushing up daisies, how come no new Slayer has been called to arms? Has the show forgotten its own mythology?

"We actually have an answer for that," executive producer Marti Noxon tells TV Guide Online. "It's a technicality. The reason [Buffy's demise didn't activate another vampire hunter] is that when she died the first time, a Slayer was called, so she's already had her read more

Question: I have a question ...

Question: I have a question about a movie I saw a long, long time ago. I don't know the name of it, but I do know some details. It is about two girls who, while taking a trip, are stopped by a sheriff who arrests them and sends them to prison. They don't see much of each other while in prison, but when they do, they talk about how they were framed and how they both want to escape. I must note that these girls were pretty and I think this is why the sheriff arrested them, because in this movie the warden and staff would use the girls in the prison at their own parties, forcing them to wear evening gowns and "entertain" their guests. As the movie progresses, these two girls finally plan a way out. While picking potatoes, they both decide to make a run for the fence or bushes. One girl gets away, but the other gets shot and killed. That is all I know about this movie. I really hope that you can come up with a name for me as I have been looking for a very long time to no avail. I think read more

Jeff Bridges: Amateur Paparazzo

Of all the roles Oscar-nominee Jeff Bridges has played in his 30-year career, one of his faves is that of behind-the-scenes celebrity photographer!

The actor first turned shutterbug back in high school, prompting dad Lloyd Bridges to build his son a darkroom in their home. Later, the younger Bridges took to snapping candid photos of his movie co-stars strictly for his private collection. But in 1984, Bridges tells TV Guide Online, his Starman [co-star] "Karen Allen had the idea of making a gift book for cast and crew."

That was ages ago, but these yearbooks (of sorts) have been printed for almost every one of Bridges's films since. His latest book is for K-PAX & read more

Question: I can't believe ...

Question: I can't believe we're having this argument, but our excuse is it started after a few beers during a football game. My buddy and I don't agree on exactly what was bionic in The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman. Can you lay it out for us? They could both run fast and one had super eyesight, as I remember. And didn't he have super hearing? Thanks. — Charlie G., Syracuse, N.Y.

Televisionary: Why the shame, Charlie? Wear your fascination with the trivial proudly — it beats watching the game.

For the record, astronaut Steve Austin (Lee Majors), "a man barely alive" after his test plane went kerflooie in the March 1973 TV movie that spawned the show, was made "better than he was before — better, stronger faster" when he was given bionic legs, a right arm and a left eye that allowed him to see great distances. During the serie read more

Tony Winner Driven to Distraction

Almost every actor has at least one project they would like stricken from their resume, and Broadway star Robert Sean Leonard is no exception. The Dead Poets Society bookworm — currently headlining the Great White Way's revival of The Music Man — confesses that his role as Kip Pardue's manipulative business manager-brother in last summer's car wreck of a movie, Driven, was a career low.

"I haven't even seen it," the 32-year-old thesp sheepishly admits to TV Guide Online. "I mean, I [finished] it and it was like I got out of the car [and] pretended it never happened. I walked away from the accident. I didn't even call the police."

After a string of flops and direct-to-video releases (Ground Control, anyone?), read more

Question: Who was the actor ...

Question: Who was the actor that starred with Peter Brown on the western called The Lawman? — Lawrence R.

Televisionary: That was John Russell as Marshal Dan Troop, Lawrence. Brown played his young deputy, Johnny McKay, and Peggy Castle was Lily Merrill, the lovely lady who ran the Birdcage Saloon.

The Lawman ran on ABC for five years beginning in October 1958.

read more

Question: A few years ago, ...

Question: A few years ago, William Shatner hosted a special for TV Guide going through most of the sci-fi shows that had been on over the years. I believe that it was called TV Guide's Best of Sci-Fi or something to that effect. Is it available on video and, if not, what is the name of the old children's sci-fi show that starred Ruth Buzzi as a lost space person travelling from one planet to another? Do you know? Thank you.

Televisionary: Why, of course I do. The program in question, TV Guide Looks at Science Fiction, features Shatner presenting highlights from such notable shows as Lost in Space, The X-Files, Planet of the Apes and others. You should be able to find it on VHS and DVD at local video stores and onl read more

New Ally Hunk Playing the Field

Note to Ally McBeal's man-hungry Elaine (Jane Krakowski): There's a new hunk in town — and he's available. Josh Hopkins joins the cast of the Fox dramedy tonight during the show's fifth season premiere playing lawyer Raymond Milbury. But Elaine better be willing to share: Hopkins tells TV Guide Online that he doesn't want to see his alter ego settling down with any one of Cage and Fish's comely counselors.

"I want to be dating all of them at the same time and not have any of them know it," winks the actor, whose credits include playing Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen in the TNT film Pirates of Silicon Valley and a recurring role on the WB's Jack & Jill. "You can't really go wrong. They're all beautiful and talented, so just point me in read more

The Fresh Prince of K-PAX?

On the planet of "coulda-shoulda-woulda," you'd find Will Smith playing Prot, the quirky fellow who claims to be an alien in K-PAX (opening today). Instead, two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey aptly fills the character's gravity boots. Indeed, during its seven years in the making, K-PAX wended its way through quite a diverse casting process — to say the least! — that altered the film completely.

Screenwriter Charles Leavitt actually envisioned actor John Cusack as the lead alien while adapting Gene Brewer's novel for film. But it was Men in Black spacebuster Smith who originally became attached read more

Kevin Kline Seeks The Force

Having worked with two Jedi insiders in the past year, you'd think Kevin Kline could sneak us some preview tidbits about Star Wars: Episode II &#150 Attack of the Clones (due in May 2002). This summer, Kline shared the stage with Natalie Portman — aka Queen Amidala — in a New York production of Chekov's The Seagull. And in Life as a House (opening today), Kline co-stars with Hayden Christensen, the newcomer tapped to play Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader in George Lucas's next two Star Wars films.

Yet, despite read more

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