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Question: I was watching 24 ...

Question: I was watching 24 and I think one of the guys from that show was on a different show. I only watched two minutes because my TV went out so I don't know their names. Can you tell me if any of them are on a different show? Thanks. — Kristina, Louisville, Ky.

Televisionary: Y'know, Kristina, I used to work in a bookstore oh so many years ago and a week didn't go by without one customer or another wandering in with incredibly vague approaches, like: "I'm looking for a book with a yellow cover. It's about an unhappy kid and that's all I know — do you know that one?"

Matter of fact, the woman who came in with that question left happy even though I, in my pre-Televisionary days of altruism, was ready to blow her off because she couldn't give me anything more than that. My co-worker Dan, on the other hand, gave her a pleasant "just a minute, please," disappeared back into the store and returned with a yellow-covered paperback copy of J.D. Salinger read more

Dell's Whiz Kid: ''Dude, You're Getting the Scoop!''

In the market for a new computer? Dude, you've probably thought about getting a Dell. How could you not given how often the company runs those commercials featuring pesky pitchman Steven proclaiming to consumers, "Dude, you're getting a Dell!" Whether you love him, hate him or love to hate him, there's no denying that he's getting the job done: Since the first of the spots were unveiled last year, Dell's profits have been climbing. Even Ben Curtis, the up-and-coming actor behind the persuasive PC pimp, has seen his stock rise as a result of the national exposure. "I got to read for [Road Trip director] Todd Phillips the other day for a stoner role," reveals the 21-year-old NYU acting major, who remains confident that fame won't be as fleeting for him as it was for "Where's the Beef?" granny read more

Question: What's the story ...

Question: What's the story behind the abrupt departure of Rick Schroder from NYPD Blue? All I heard was he quit. I thought he did a good job transitioning child star to adult actor. Did he prove it to himself and felt he had nothing more to gain from remaining in the role? Thanks! — Jill K.

Televisionary: As is the case with any of these casting changes in TV Land, there are the public reasons and the private ones, Jill, and usually the only people who can tell you the difference are those directly involved.

In the case of NYPD Blue, the official reason Schroder, who came on board in season six, gave for leaving was the heavy shooting schedule and how much time he spent away from his family. The tabloids cited un-named sources who claimed the real reason was that Schroder thought the show's producers were angling to replace him when they brought in another former child star, ex-Saved by the Bell read more

Question: My husband says ...

Question: My husband says that Karen of Will &#038 Grace appeared in a Seinfeld episode as one of George's girlfriends. I don't think so. Can you verify this? Thanks. — Lili O., Chicago, Ill.

Televisionary: Get ready to change that line of thinking then, Lili. Hubby's right on this one.

Megan Mullally, who picked up an Outstanding Supporting Actress Emmy in 2000 for her work as Karen Walker, snotty socialite and assistant to Grace (Debra Messing) on the hit comedy, did indeed lend her talent to the Seinfeld crew in a season-four episode. As your hubby says, she played Betsy, one of George Costanza's (Jason Alexander) brief love interests (if the word "love" ever applied to him) in the episode "The Implant."

If you recall, the main story was that Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld) dumped a girlfriend (Teri Hatcher) after Elaine ( read more

Question: Would you please ...

Question: Would you please describe for me The Rat Patrol, the TV program about the group of soldiers riding in a jeep in the desert? It was my son's favorite program! I recall that the group appeared on the cover of TV Guide. Thanks! — Glenn S., Calgary, Alta., Canada

Televisionary: That I will, Glenn. The Rat Patrol, which ran on ABC for two years beginning in September 1966, was based on the exploits of the real-life British Long Range Desert Group and focused on three Yanks and a Brit fighting the Germans of the Afrika Korps in North Africa during World War II. Sgt. Jack Moffitt (Gary Raymond), a demolitions expert, was the lone Englishman of the crew commanded by Sgt. Sam Troy (Christopher George). Youngster Pvt. Mark Hitchcock (Lawrence P. Casey) and Pvt. Tully Pettigrew (Justin Tarr) rounded out the Rat Patrollers, who tooled around the desert making life miserable for the remarkably slow German tanks and their rema read more

Felicity Role Is Kid Stuff for Newbie

Like most kids, Christopher Gorham once longed to be seen as a grownup. However, now that the actor is building a reputation as Hollywood's go-to guy when adolescent sweethearts are being cast, he has realized that there are benefits to having a baby face.

"It was hell to live with while I was in school," the 27-year-old tells TV Guide Online, "but in my profession, it's great!"

This season, Gorham graduated from high-school high jinks as virginal Harrison John on the WB's flunked dramedy Popular to co-ed canoodling as lovable lab rat Trevor on the collegiate serial Felicity. Yet the real-life husband (of Popular cheerleader Anel Lopez) and father swears that he's no more concerned with shedding his dorky Popular persona than he is with nabbing more mature roles.

"I hadn't given it a thought," he insists. "In the film I just did [The Other Side of Heaven, a saga abo read more

Playboy Playmate Heats Up Cold Flick

When the snowboarding sex comedy Out Cold hit theaters last week, it was impossible to miss Victoria Silvstedt, the 1997 Playboy Playmate of the Year who plays Inga, on-screen daughter to Lee Majors (of The Six Million Dollar Man fame). Although this isn't the Swede's first big-screen appearance, it is what she hopes will be a step toward greater U.S. recognition. Toward that end, the stunner and new Web mistress sat down with TV Guide Online to lay bare her wants, needs and desires.
read more

Carol Burnett's Class Reunion

Most critics of Carol Burnett's self-titled 1970s sketch comedy series adored the cast's cracking up during skits. Some grumps, however, scolded them for not always staying composed and in character. "I have never heard the latter in my life!" co-star Vicki Lawrence tells TV Guide Online. "People [at home] absolutely loved it because they felt like they were there live. It's just not the way TV is anymore. I go out and speak all over the country, and people always want to know, 'Was it as much fun as it looked like?' They loved watching Harvey [Korman] break up through a Tim [Conway] sketch as much as they loved anything."

Such outtakes and bloopers abound in CBS's hourlong special, The Carol Burnett Show: Show Stoppers (airing tonight at 10 pm/ET). Y read more

Ed Burns Returns!

Having starred in big-budget studio films like Saving Private Ryan and 15 Minutes, why would actor/writer/director Ed Burns want to nickel and dime his way through his own indie flick? As he puts it: "I'm sticking to lower budgets so I can maintain [creative] control."

In Sidewalks of New York, Burns takes a documentary-style look at six strangers looking for love (and sex) in all the wrong places. And by using a little directorial ingenuity, he pulled it off for under a million bucks. Recalls Burns: "The idea came out of working on Private Ryan, which was all done with handheld cameras and available light. I was sitting there in one of the foxholes one day, and we were banging out scenes and getting so much work done. I thought, 'If I use nothing but [these meth read more

Carrie's Mother on Law &#038 Order: SVU!

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit scored a November sweeps coup by casting three-time Oscar nominee Piper Laurie in tomorrow's episode, "Care" (airing 10 pm/ET on NBC). Best known as the psycho mama to Sissy Spacek's psychic teen in Carrie, she'll play an earthy grandma caught up in a murder investigation on SVU.

"I always like to do new things — it keeps me alive and on my toes," the L&#038O fan tells TV Guide Online. "I'm even happy that they used such an unforgiving lens on me and [no] makeup! It's not flattering, but I think it adds to the character."

As in Carrie, Laurie also played a crazy shrew in the cult phenom Twin Peaks. "It's great release and great fun to be bad," she enthuses. read more

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