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Question: On the Nov. 17 ...

Question: On the Nov. 17 episode of Alias, there's a beautiful song playing when Sydney goes to visit Vaughn in the hospital. What was the song, and who performed it? Thanks. — Bobbie, Princeton, N.C.

Televisionary: Though I've vowed to cut down on the what-was-that-song questions in this column, once again my resolve fades in the face of a reader — well, readers, since many of you asked — in need of my help.

The song in question is called "Slumber My Darling" and it's performed by cellist Yo-Yo Ma and singer Alison Krauss. You'll find it on the CD Appalachian Journey, a disc from Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer and Mark O'Connor that blends classical and folk influences.

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Question: I have been trying ...

Question: I have been trying to figure out the name of the song and group who sings the song for the promos for Hack. I watched the credits and it was not there. So, could you please tell me? I absolutely love the song and it totally gets stuck in my head: "Someone saved, someone saved my life today." I think that's how it goes. — Lori M., Sterling Heights, Mich.

Televisionary: Ah, me. If going to blow all self-discipline out of the water, I might as well do it in a big way, huh?

The song in question is Elton John's "Someone Saved My Life Tonight," Lori. And if you're dying to know, it looks like Universal Music's new marketing strategy is working as planned.

In a bid to draw attention to John's Greatest Hits 1970-2002 collection, his label is making his tunes available to networks for use in both shows and promo read more

Question: I heard the James ...

Question: I heard the James Patterson novel 1st to Die was being made into a miniseries by NBC. Is this true? If so, when will it be aired? — Travis, Fort Washington, Pa.

Televisionary: 'Tis indeed true, Travis. (Because of that and the fact that you're writing from the town where I attended high school, I know you're a bright boy.) Tracy Pollan is starring as a detective trying to track down a serial killer who specializes in wedding-night newlyweds in the three-hour NBC TV movie, which Russell Mulcahy (Highlander) is directing. The network hasn't set an exact date yet, but look for it during February sweeps.

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Question: Are Anthony ...

Question: Are Anthony LaPaglia from Without a Trace and Jonathan LaPaglia from The District related? — Sheryl, Gurnee, Ill.

Televisionary: That they are. The former is the latter's older brother.

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Question: I never saw Quantum ...

Question: I never saw Quantum Leap that much when it was first on, but have seen reruns and like it. How long was it on originally? Thank you. — Joe O., Hermiston, Ore.

Televisionary: Physicist Sam Beckett (Enterprise's Scott Bakula) started his in-and-out-of-body experiences on NBC in March 1989 and jumped around time with holographic pal Al "The Observer" Calavicci (Dean Stockwell) until mid-August 1993. And the only reason the oft-praised but ratings-challenged cult favorite lasted that long was because of fan fervor and another, more important, factor — demographics.

For the 1991-92 season, for example, QL ranked 63rd out of 132 series on the air but stayed on NBC's schedule while t read more

Billy Elliot To Take Flight on Broadway!

Billy Elliot is about to sweep Broadway off its feet. The 2000 indie smash — about a young boy who wants to study ballet — is being adapted into a Broadway musical by the film's director Stephen Daldry and pop superstar Elton John. "It's in the very early stages," Daldry tells TV Guide Online. "Elton John's writing the music, and the plan is for me to direct."

Daldry — who won his first Oscar nomination for helming Billy Elliot — says that Mr. Rocket Man is borderline obsessed with his latest theater undertaking. (John also did the music for Broadway's Aida and The Lion King.) "He's up all the time [working on it]," the filmmaker laughs. "He's always calling me up playing me new songs. He'll say, 'Wanna hear a new song? I'll put you on speaker phone!'"

Unlike the movie's T-Rex-dominated soundtrack, Billy Elliot: The Musical will feature entirely original songs. "It's all Elton John," he says. "Y read more


Friends star Courteney Cox Arquette has decided to go back to being just plain ol' Courteney Cox — in some situations. But don't worry: She's not on the outs with hubby David Arquette. The actress tells InStyle that she reclaimed her maiden name out of respect to her father, Richard Cox, who died of cancer last year. read more


Rosie O'Donnell finally enjoyed some good news over the weekend: The former talk show host's girlfriend, Kelli Carpenter, gave birth to a baby girl Friday at an undisclosed New York hospital. The couple named the new arrival Vivienne Rose O'Donnell — Vivienne after the main character in Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and Rose after O'Donnell's late mother, Roseanne. read more

John Leguizamo's Gangsta Love

As Winona Ryder's verdict taught us, "I was doing film research" is a poor defense for actors who get caught breaking the law. This didn't stop John Leguizamo from risking his neck for his role as a South Bronx drug dealer in Empire (opening Dec. 6). To get a feel for the world of dope dealing, he shadowed real-life pushers all over New York.

"I wasn't as afraid of being arrested as I was of being shot at," Leguizamo admits. "I hung out and did a couple [drug] runs with some guys and a married couple. I went to suppliers in Queens, did runs in Alphabet City and [saw] the homes where people stashed it.

"It's bizarre," he adds. "It's like living like an animal — always living in fear, always suspect. I wouldn't have been so afraid, except they were looking over their shoulders all the time and telling me, 'Keep moving. We can't stand anywhere. We gotta keep going.'

"I was a little scared of [getting caught], too," he points out, "but I read more


Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher is missing a few teeth today following a weekend hotel brawl in Munich in which the 30-year-old allegedly kicked a police officer in the ribs. German police briefly detained the singer and three of his Oasis bandmates — forcing the group to cancel a Sunday night concert and giving Gallagher time to see a dentist. read more

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