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Pierce Brosnan — currently hard at work on the latest James Bond pic, Die Another Day — has signed on to star in and produce the romantic comedy Laws of Attraction, Variety reports. He'll play a divorce lawyer who falls in love with another divorce lawyer. read more

Question: What happened to ...

Question: What happened to the show The Street? It came on for a while in 2000 and then it just went off. What happened to it?

Televisionary: Fox delisted it after critics and viewers decided it was of little or no value.

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Question: Now that Spider-Man ...

Question: Now that Spider-Man is getting huge box office, I have a bet with my dad. He says that there was a live Spider-Man TV show in the late '70s or early '80s. I say there wasn't. Can you tell me if there was or was not? Thank you for your time. — Anna N.

Televisionary: Father knows best, Anna (at least in this case, but he's probably right about that music of yours being too loud, too). Nicholas Hammond was your friendly neighborhood webslinger on CBS from April to May 1978 and Robert F. Simon was his cantankerous boss, J. Jonah Jameson. After the regular series ended, Spider-Man returned as several specials that aired periodically into the following year. 'Nuff said.

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Showtime has renewed its racy gay soap Queer as Folk for two more 16-episode seasons. Queer's second season concludes June 16. read more

Question: I seem to remember ...

Question: I seem to remember that Drew Carey had a small, recurring role as a mechanic in a short-lived sitcom in the early 1990s. Was this really Drew? What was the name of the show? — Mark W.

Televisionary: That would be NBC's The Good Life, which launched in January 1994 and starred John Caponera as John Bowman, a family man and working man whose job at a security products business helped put food on the table for his wife (Eve Gordon) and three kids. (Of course, a better title might've been Short and Sweet, since the show was off the air by May.)

Carey played a guy named Drew Clark (the writers really sweated the character names on this series), who ran the company loading dock with John and was his best friend. Of the cast members, Carey bounced the highest by far on the reb read more

Question: I've been watching ...

Question: I've been watching the miniseries Band of Brothers on HBO, and I was wondering if there was any information about availability dates for DVD or video. Hats off to Tom Hanks. The series is great! — DCA, Seal Beach, Calif.

Televisionary: My friends at HBO Video don't have an exact release date, but they tell me Band of Brothers will probably be out on VHS and DVD sometime in the fourth quarter of this year, DCA, so keep the credit card in the wallet until October or so.

And I'm with you on Hank's track record for HBO. Band of Brothers, with its excellent writing and acting and its attention to detail, is right up there among the best of the best war movies. Between that and Hanks's From the Earth to the Moon, his name is on two of the finest miniseries to ever grace the small screen, in my opinion.

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Question: Can you please tell ...

Question: Can you please tell me the years the show Fridays was on and list its cast members? Thank you.

Televisionary: Fridays, ABC's answer to Saturday Night Live, was on from April 1980 to October 1982. Its regular cast members included Mark Blankfield (Good &#038 Evil), Maryedith Burrell (The Jackie Thomas Show), Melanie Chartoff (Parker Lewis Can't Lose), Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Darrow Igus, read more

Question: I thought I read ...

Question: I thought I read that Telly Savalas had never done any acting before Kojak, but my brother says he remembers him from The King and I. Who's right? — Eric S., Cork, Ky.

Televisionary: Uh... neither, but I can come up with a silver lining and declare you both a little right, if you like. Let's get your brother out of the way first: Wrong bald guy. That was Yul Brynner in The King and I, and he won an Academy Award for his effort.

The late Aristoteles "Telly" Savalas, for his part, won an Emmy after just one season of starring as Lt. Theo Kojak in the CBS series, which ran from October 1973 to April 1978. And you're not that far off in your recollection — fans (and the actor read more

Ashley Judd Sheds Good Girl Image

Often a portrayer of heroines and victims, Ashley Judd welcomed the chance to be evil in Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (opening June 7). As Vivi, she's a mom with a mean streak — viewers will surely cringe at scenes of the hellion beating her children. But just so we know it's fiction, Judd reveals a few tricks of the trade.

"The kids were incredibly well-rehearsed," she reassures. "We came to the set about a week in advance of shooting and had a huge safety meeting with all the kids, their parents, the tutor, the acting coach and the director."

One way of keeping scary scenes realistic, yet safe for her child co-stars, was talking in code. "If you say 'ouch' or 'stop it,' that's part of the dialogue," Judd says. "So, 'orange' was their safety word for when they felt uncomfortable. T read more

The 2002 Emmys: And the Nominees Should Be...

It isn't a perfect world. We all know that. Our country is at war. Our stocks are tanking. And, after the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences mails out its 2001-2002 nomination ballots this week, Will & Grace is probably going to muster up enough support to vie once again for the Best Comedy Emmy. But it doesn't have to be that way.

In fact, with The Sopranos out of the running in the drama categories (a side effect of its postponed premiere), so many slots are left vacant that new blood virtually must be infused into the race. So, members of the Academy, we would thank you from the bottom of our hearts if, while you were checking off familiar favorites like Sex and the City and David Hyde Pierc read more

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